They Were Collaborators #438

Bad Brains


mister muleboy said...

As a "Washington Punk" who got his start in 1979, I was lucky enough to be right there for large parts of the Bad Brains experience. I can confirm that they were collaborators. Musically, logistically, and -- it seemed - spiritually [whatever that means]. It was some flesh=and-blood, transcendant . . . thing that could move a crowd by sheer force, or by [unbelievably, considering what they were doing] subtlety.

From what I hear now, H.R. is no longer really "with us," but I'll always have my '45 of Pay to Cum and my ROIR tape.

And Charlie Parker . . .

swac said...

That ROIR cassette blew my head wide open musically.

Actually, I think the first time I heard Pay to Cum was on the Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans...that song still astounds me.