They Were Collaborators #436

The New York Mets of 1962


Vanwall said...

Yo la Tengo!

Tom Sutpen said...

I think the '62 Mets were an experiment to see how well a ball club would fare with zero guidance from its manager.

Stengel was great in his day, and certainly entertaining (to the press at least), but his negligence was almost criminal.

Vanwall said...

It must've been the language problem - few really spoke or correctly translated Stengelese, and maybe not even Casey himself. ;-)

Tommy O'C said...

"His negligence was almost criminal"?

That's why the Mets kept Stengel on as manager for four straight years (during which they easily finished dead last every year) and a fifth, during which Stengel retired due to a broken hip.

As Stengel himself had occasion to say, many times, "Can't anybody play this here game?" Not on those Mets during those years. "Come see my Amazin' Mets," said Stengel. "I've been in this game a hundred years but I see new ways to lose I never knew existed before."

If it weren't for Stengel, the Mets' franchise arguably would not have survived those first few years.