Men of God #2

Dr. Gene Scott


SomeNYGuy said...

I asked God about this entry and his response was, "Who the hell is Dr. Gene Scott? Never heard of him!"

Tom Sutpen said...

This is perhaps the least forgivable way to answer that question, but:

Lex10 said...


Tom Sutpen said...

Nicely done!

Boy, them whiteboards sure could look like Jackson Pollock canvases by the time ol' Dr. Gene got through with them.

Recently I caught about 20 minutes of Pastor Melissa (Gene's widow), trying to do his act. It doesn't work.

Btw, if anyone knows where and how I can lay my mitts on old Festival of Faith tapes from the 70s and 80s . . . the really crazy stuff . . . you'll officially be my hero.

Julie said...

I like Pastor Melissa! But she's definitely derivative of the master.

By the way, do you take requests? ;-) I'd love to see an entry for my favorite Man of God, Marjoe Gortner. What a superstar!