An Illustrated History of American Labor #6

Original Caption:

Cadillac Salesmen Go On Strike.

New York -- A group of smartly dressed Cadillac salesmen are shown picketing a Cadillac salesroom at 57th and Broadway today in one of New York's strangest strikes. Tthe strikers delivered an angry verbal blast against the Cadillac Division General Managers for allegedly circulating reports that some of them make as much as $40,000 a year. The strikers' major complaints concern such grievances as no fixed hours, no holidays, no paid vacations, no welfare benefits and no pension plans. (1955)


SomeNYGuy said...

Welcome to my neighborhood!

That space, a Duane Reade drug store in recent years, is now vacant -- as are an increasing number of prime storefronts that would have been snapped up instantly just a couple of years ago. Hard times ahead? No, I'm afraid they're already here.

Danny Torrance said...

The canary wasn't the vacancy of that Duane Reade, it was the end of the common man believing in worker's rights.

The vacancy of the store fronts is the collapsed mine.

SomeNYGuy said...

Fair enough. And how grotesque that the "common man" should forget (or be brainwashed into denying) he is the "worker."