Seminal Image #782

Junior Bonner
(Sam Peckinpah; 1972)

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Vanwall said...

Always the hick soaper, regardless of how fondly I remember the Old Prescott, now so....civilized. It was tedious for, well, any number of years to mention the film in town, as every Jack and Jill had some reputed anecdote of their backyard playing host to McQueen. A whiff of the future drug-store cowboys to come down the pike, as well - "Urban Cowboy" glimmers as the false light in the far distance, a Nashville-ized pabulum for the would-be future shit-kickers who will worship the Hats With No Heads as country examples, weak as water that they end up being. Painful to watch now, in some ways, and if Steve wasn't in it, it wouldn't've been, Peckinpah or no Peckinpah. Give me the "The Reivers", then I'm a happy boy.