Annals of Crime #4

Original Caption:

New York -- A group of revelers, all garbed as women, are loaded into a 'pie wagon' as police raid a masqued ball at Manhattan Center early this morning. Six patrol wagons were needed to cart the 99 men to West 30th Street police station. (1939)


Mr DeBakey said...

In 1939?

I thought there were no perverts in America until prayer was taken out of the schools.

Richard Gibson said...

'Pie Wagon', interesting. Here we say 'Meat Wagon' or 'Hoolie Van', an older term might be 'Bridewell Taxi'.

Vanwall said...

Black Maria, I believe was the proper term.;-)

swac said...

I always think of the term "paddy wagon," although "tranny wagon" would be more appropriate in this case.

LoungeMonkeys said...

I don't see any perverts.

I thought there were no bigots in America until we stopped forcing prayer in schools.

rookgaroo said...

The folks at The Smoking Gun would have been in mug shot heaven.