The Golden Age of Publicity #6

From the original caption:

"If the Brooklyn Dodgers ever make that shift to Los Angeles, the Dodger's
famed catcher Roy Campanella had better look to his laurels. He may have
competition in 'Robby,' Hollywood's mechanical man, who is serving as
battery mate for young Richard Eyer, ardent little leaguer, here. The pair,
incidentally are also co-players in MGM's forthcoming science-fiction
movie, The Invisible Boy." (1957)


shahn said...


Tom Sutpen said...

I think they were hoping Sports editors would pick this up.

But if you take one look at the robot, you just know that even if he knocked a homer it would take all afternoon for him to make it down the basepath to first (forget about home plate).

Brent McKee said...

And the robot isn't Richard Eyer's battery mate - the term refers to a combination of pitcher and catcher. Roy Campenella and Sandy Koufax were battery mates.

Tom Sutpen said...

Good point . . . but who said Hollywood PR guys were scrupulous about facts