Before and After #103: Howard Hughes




Vanwall said...

Not far enough after - too rational looking.

Tom Sutpen said...

Undoubtedly true . . . but it's the last official portrait (from, I believe, 1958) and one of the last known photos of the man, the myth, the weirdo. After that, we're stuck with all those composite sketches magazines used to illustrate their breathless stories on Hughes' decline (the foot-long fingernails, the Kleenex hats, the 10 page handwritten instructions on opening a can of Tomato soup, etc.)

Believe me, I'd love to get some real photographic representation of the hardcore screwball years, but there just ain't none.

shahn said...

...but wow, they really show how good looking he was. it was always hard to imagine why people described him as so charming with all the other tales of crazy.