They Were Collaborators #397

The Firesign Theatre


Vanwall said...

"My secretary was asleep on the floor, her long, beautiful gams pinioned under the couch." - and plenty of more inspired lunacy from Firesign Theater was my upbringing. "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers!" may be the best album title ever, IMHO. Saw 'em live so many times I lost count, and their subversive appearence on David Suskind's show was priceless. One live show, the opening act was some unlucky folksy singer - he stepped out onstage to see the entire two front rows filled with bozo-nosed FT addicts, and he said shakily, "I hope to God you're not here for me!" When FT did get out onstage, the crowd was happy to shout out our favorite lines when cued.

I was driving along one day around then, and they were promoting their upcoming appearence on the the local alternative radio station, Bill Compton's KDKB, where they promptly named them "Krazy Dog, Krazy Boy - that's 93 point 3 FFFMMM, and fifteen-ten if you am! And we am!" I can't think of that station any other way, now.

I think I was able to see all their movies as well, and for a few years as I bartended in college my nametag was "Nick Danger"...not that many people got that, but that was part of FT's somewhat exclusive humor. They were prolly the best thing on radio, perhaps ever, and their albums were nonpariel in their creative anarchy - many of the albums had conversations started on one and finished on another.

"Pyramid Patchouli! There was only one joker sensitive enough to wear that scent, and I had to find out just who he was!"

"God evening, Mr. Danger. My name is Rocky Roccoco!"

"Thanks, half-pint, you've saved me hours of investigative work!"

Regnad Kcin, indeed.

swac said...

How else would I know that everything I know is wrong?

Dan said...

I bought a used Volkswagon in 1978, and in the cassette player was a homemade recording of FST. I had no idea who (or what) this was, but I knew I needed more.

I'm lucky now that David Ossman lives just up the road. He's still performing, now and again.