Sex Education #91

Laura Antonelli


Vanwall said...

Nice when naked.

Tom Sutpen said...

Hear hear!

Some months ago I was looking for a barefoot-all-over image of La Antonelli, thinking they'd be plentiful, but all I found were either black and white stills from color films or images so small they'd look hideous upon resizing. I think this is a cryin' shame, as no woman ever projected what preachers used to call the pleasures of the flesh so alluringly.

I mean, the internet is fairly teeming with nude photos of women no one needs to see, even when clothed. The paltry supply of images detailing this particular Euro-honey's form is . . . downright obscene!

Vanwall said...

I can always fall back on the mind's eye picture....AND WHAT A PICTURE! That woman was the pre-eminent Euro fuck-bunny of the flickering image, bar none.

Jeremy Richey said...

I really love Laura and appreciate seeing an image of her I haven't before. It is a shame it is so hard to find quality photos of her, as she was one of the brightest stars of the sixties and seventies.
I hope to write a proper tribute to her some day...really lovely lady and a fine actress.