Collect 'Em All #38

Sonnie Hale
No. 23 in a series of 50 from Players Navy Cut cigarettes
Born in London on May 1st, 1902, Sonnie Hale is the brother of Binnie Hale. After being educated at Beaumont College, he made his first stage appearance at the age of nineteen in the chorus of Fun of the Fayre at the London Pavilion, and soon became famous in musical comedy. It was in Germany that he made his film debut, and it was not until after he had made three films there--Happy Ever After, Tell Me To-night and Early to Bed that he appeared in British Pictures. Among his latest are Wild Boy, Evergreen and My Song for You. His real name is John Robert Hale-Monro; he is married to Jessie Matthews.

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swac said...

Oh well, every card set has its duds.

However, I'd love to see his 1934 film Are You a Mason?