The Explanation
(for those who require one)

And, of course, that is what all of this is -- all of this: the one song, ever changing, ever reincarnated, that speaks somehow from and to and for that which is ineffable within us and without us, that is both prayer and deliverance, folly and wisdom, that inspires us to dance or smile or simply to go on, senselessly, incomprehensibly, beatifically, in the face of mortality and the truth that our lives are more ill-writ, ill-rhymed and fleeting than any song, except perhaps those songs -- that song, endlesly reincarnated -- born of that truth, be it the moon and June of that truth, or the wordless blue moan, or the rotgut or the elegant poetry of it. That nameless black-hulled ship of Ulysses, that long black train, that Terraplane, that mystery train, that Rocket '88', that Buick 6 -- same journey, same miracle, same end and endlessness."
-- Nick Tosches, Where Dead Voices Gather

So Loathsome I Could Cry #7

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger


Lex10 said...

We'd probaboly have peace today if he never let the Shah into the US

Mr DeBakey said...

You could make this one into a series

Darth Cheney anyone?

Tom Sutpen said...

We probably would have had peace for the last 40 years (or at least more of it) had this global sociopath never been born.

I don't know if out current Vice President is loathsome on the scale of Kissinger . . . he hasn't been at it as long . . . but loathsome (and murderous) he is.

steves said...

have mercy on a soul so dark and gratitude for one affording "moral high ground" to almost any other on this plane. truly would it seem this world to be a more peaceful dimension lacking this sad and morally malodorous wretch; though the divine perfection of this all would then be lacking. why is this one necessary in this world? what does this presence have to teach us?