When Legends Gather #287 (x 20):
Elvis Presley Memorial Edition

Elvis Presley and Bobby Darin

Elvis Presley and Faron Young

Elvis Presley and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller (R-NY)

Elvis Presley and Jackie Wilson

Merle Kilgore and Elvis Presley

Billy Ward and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and The Willburn Brothers

Nudie Cohen, Tex Williams and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and Hank Snow

Gov. George C. Wallace (D-AL) and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and Jim Brown

Eddy Arnold and Elvis Presley

Rufus Thomas and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood and Nick Adams

Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali

Elvis Presley and The Browns

Susan Hayward and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and Johnny Horton

Elvis Presley and Mahalia Jackson

Merv Griffin, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley and Norm Crosby


Jordanna said...

As much as I love fellow Nova Scotian Hank Snow (and love the stories about how he got screwed out of co-managing Elvis by Col. Tom), that Rufus Thomas shot takes the prize for me.

swac said...

Uh, that was me up there, not Jordanna. Oops.

Michael said...

A beautiful tribute, thanks. The Elvis Presley/Bobby Darin friendship actually has an interesting legend of its own: Back when Darin was on the road and struggling to make a name for himself (pre Splish Splash), he went to an Elvis show with his friend Steve Karmen. That show inspired him and influenced his performance approach massively. After seeing the way Elvis commanded an audience, he wanted so much to do the same. The flip on the whole story comes years later, when both Elvis and Bobby were playing in Vegas... Elvis used to sneak backstage to watch Bobby perform, because he was so knocked out by the man's style. Two giants, without a doubt.

Dedicated to the Life, Legend and Legacy of Bobby Darin

Vanwall said...

It's a telling tribute that Elvis seemed to have met everybody, and everybody wanted to meet him. An amazing list of piccies!

Jon said...

For a split second, I misread the caption and I thought the guy on the right was Noam Chomsky. Man, Elvis really did know everybody. Thanks for great pics.

Tom Sutpen said...
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Tom Sutpen said...

Thanks, everyone!


Which gathered legend did you think was Chomsky??

(my guess is it wasn't Rufus Thomas . . . after all, he's standing on the King's left)

swac said...

I'm thinking he mistook "Norm Crosby" for "Noam Chomsky"...

Peter L. Winkler said...

I love the look of reproach Natalie Wood is giving Nick Adams.

Jeremy Richey said...

Incredible post and pictures..I have been in Memphis all week for Elvis Week and it has been exhausting, exciting and finally very moving. I come every year but this year seeing nearly 100,000 people from every country you can name braving the hottest Memphis Summer in 25 years was incredible.
These shots, a few I haven't seen, really show a fact that got lost for awhile...mainly being that while he was alive, that everyone who came in contact with him (regardless of race, class or political differences) loved and admired him.
This is a really nice tribute to one of our greatest, and most enduring, artists. Thanks for posting these.

Jon said...

Yes, Norm Crosby for Noam Chomsky. Very tired yesterday evening. Great pictures. Off the subject, thanks for the tribute to the great Max Roach.

Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books said...

Now THIS is a good idea for a book.
Jim (Dull Tool Dim Bulb, Vintage Sleaze the Blog)