The New Yorkers #3

Robert Moses


Brent McKee said...

The most hated man in Brooklyn certainly. Destroyer of Coney Island (he didn't like the "tawdry" amusement parks and replaced them with low income housing) and, if you ever listened to Walter O'Malley, the man who forced the Dodgers to leave Brooklyn and move to Los Angeles. (O'Malley claimed that when he wanted to replace Ebbetts Field the only sites Moses was prepared to make it viable for him to use were so inaccessible and unattractive to patrons of the game - not to mention outside of Brooklyn and owned by the city which were anathema to O'Malley that he "had" to move to California.)

Vanwall said...

The shining example of the know-it-all screw-up; fucked big cities up in ways we have yet to know.