Housekeeping Matter #22
Guest Contributor Week: Aftermath

Well . . . that's that.

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger's first Guest Contributor Week enters the yellowed ledger of Blogospheric histoire and, not to put too fine a point on it, I can honestly say I am eternally chuffed both by the generosity of our contributors and their respective eyes for good, very very good material. Mere thanks is not sufficient, but it is all I can offer.

Yesterday, shahn of the amazing blog six martinis and the seventh art suggested we do this again, and we shall. I intend it. In fact, had it not been for my own schedule-from-hell and an unwillingness to exile my co-conspirators for the length of time required, I would have extended Guest Contributor Week at least a few more days, if not another week (at one point I'd resolved to do that very thing). That's how many contributions we still have left over. I'm not sure when we'll be throwing open the doors again, but it won't be too long. Rest assured, I'll send out another shout of 'Come one, come all' when it happens.

I want to thank Stephen Cooke and Richard Gibson for clearing out, as it were, these last seven days while our guests moved in. As for me, I'm taking (deliberately this time . . . usually it happens of its own volition) a day or two off from the cane field of images that is this blog. What with the Bergman and Antonioni tributes and Guest Contributor-a-Go-Go, I've probably posted more on this blog in the last nine days than I do in a month (maybe). Now, some of you might be saying "Is he kidding? All he does is post pictures; and he thinks that's work? Has this chump ever hammered out 5,000 words on Out 1, noli me tangere . . . all 800 minutes! . . . hours after seeing it!! . . . all while making sure it reads exactly like everybody else's 5,000 words?? That's what I call hard blog-work, you apostate jackass!"

Well, it's a decent-enough point on its face. I've never claimed to have a talent for automatic writing, and certainly my gifts for cinephilic verisimiltude and CriticSpeak are not what they were when I was a lad; but those who take this view do so, I think, with a bit of short sighted-ness, however fashionable in some circles it may be. Think what you will, but we do expend a measure of critical judgement here when it comes to selecting and sequencing and (a word I'm using advisedly) editing the images. They are, for better or worse, our content; and even if we moved to a more text-intensive format . . . in the event such a strategy would not turn our fellow film bloggers against us even more than they've already turned . . . I don't think this blog would be as good, at least not in the same manner of good-ness.

All of which is to say that I been working overtime the last nine days on this here railroad, and I need to re-charge my batteries. Messrs. Cooke and Gibson will, I have no doubt, pick up the standard and brandish it far more effectively than I, blog wearied as I am.

Again, I want to give my immense thanks to those of you who contributed images and text and all things Charlie Parker last week. Most of you I thanked individually, and the rest I will get to (I promise that much), but this is the collective thanks. May your tribes increase.

Tom Sutpen


Flickhead said...

Welcome back!

"Has this chump ever hammered out 5,000 words on Out 1, noli me tangere . . . all 800 minutes! . . . hours after seeing it!! . . . all while making sure it reads exactly like everybody else's 5,000 words??"

Indeed...the blogging bobbleheads. A significant reason why I barely write lengthy pieces anymore. It just don't seem worth the effort...

Thanx for allowing me to take part in the guest contributor week!

Testify said...

I would just like to say thank you for having me.

Vanwall said...

Thanks for the chance to contribute, and a very well done to all the other s, as well!

Stacia said...

The contributions were really great and I enjoyed seeing what others sent in. I can't wait until you do it again.

Steve said...

Hey, thanks for havin' us. Now I must return to (not) hammering out my 5,000 words on Out 1... :-)

shahn said...

thank you for doing this, and for including me. i found lots of great images and new blogs to visit as well. good job, everyone.