The Golden Age of Prurience #41

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
(by Lewis Carroll; aka, The Rev. Charles Dodgson)
(MacMillan and Co., 1865)

Guest Contributor: Rob Carver


shahn said...

holy repackaging!
i wonder if it sells better with this cover.

Steve said...

This can't be real... can it?

H. P. L. said...

Where is the "Edited by Grace Slick" tag? ;-)


Tom Sutpen said...

I don't know for certain, but if I had to guess, I'd say this was some cheap paperback outfit's attempt to cash in on the psychedelic implications of the Rev. Dodgson's tale of a filthy schoolgirl's journey to the center of her mind. Of course, since most of these characters were stuck in the 1950s, they made it look like a Girl Gone Bad paperback from that epoch of publishing . . . the dopes.

All in all, I'd chalk it up to the marketing impulses of the 1960s.

Vanwall said...

There was whole series of "classic" paperbacks repackaged with pulpy covers - this is by far the most arresting, as if someone was to re-imagine it in a modernist style.