Before and After #76:
Lotte Lenya



Guest Contributor: Rob Carver


Richard Gibson said...

I can honestly say I've never heard of her, and that's why I like this site, always someone or something new to go off and have a search around.

In a Bond film, mentioned in 'Mack the Knife'...all new to me.

Brent McKee said...

No surprise she was mentioned in Mack The Knife - she was married to Kurt Weill (twice, the second one took) who worte it - and I think she was the first to sing the song. It was Louis Armstrong who actually added the line "look out for Miss Lotte Lenya" though.

swac said...

I love the Pabst film of The Threepenny Opera starring Ms. Lenya, a great performance (I even have an old Telefunken soundtrack LP). She says more with one lurid glance than most performers can with a full-on bump and grind.