The Art of Cinema #245

Tanned Legs
(Marshall Neilan; 1929)

Guest Contributor: Rob Carver


swac said...

Heh...I've had this scanned in my computer for ages, but I kept forgetting to post it. Congrats for beating me to the punch, Rob!

I hear the movie itself is kinda shakey (I'm sure it's no Murder at the Vanities), but it's a great poster nonetheless.

Tom Sutpen said...

I saw it again a few months back (transferring my VHS copy to DVD). It's static . . . the way almost every Musical made in 1929 was . . . but it has a jazzy charm.

Yaniv Eidelstein said...

how can it be "all dialog" and still have "songs"?

Vanwall said...

Yaniv - it had no silent sections, it was a talkie all the way thru. Dialog included the songs.