The Art of Cinema #244

Man Bait
(Terence Fisher; 1952)

Guest Contributor: Rob Carver


Richard Gibson said...

Okay, I've never heard of this, poster looks very good indeed. A quick look on IMDB confirms my thought that it's British as Diana Dors is in it but then I see it's a Hammer film, of course people forget that they didn't just do Horror's and then I saw Terence Fisher's name which was a give away as he did Dracula and others for them.

Vanwall said...

The title alone is worth an award, but I thought the casting was quite the curious feature.

Tom Sutpen said...

This was one of a series of co-productions between Hammer and Lippert pictures in the US. They were mostly 'noirs' and crime dramas with American stars (such as Brent, Barbara Payton, etc) who were on the skids, directed by Hammer stalwarts like Fisher (a criminally underrated director). Pretty good, overall.

There's a collection of these on DVD, irresistably titled 'The Hammer Film Noir Collection'.

Richard Gibson said...

Tom you are mine of information. I never even knew they did co-productions let alone there was a box set. Here they haven't shown any Hammer (aka Hammer House of Horror) films in years.

We should do a Hammer series or a Hammer tribute. Those 60s' films of theirs were great!

Stacia said...

This is awesome. I've got to see it, I'm a huge George Brent fan. Even on the poster, he does not look pleased.

swac said...

I have the Hammer Film Noir set (I believe a second collection recently appeared), and it's certainly intriguing to see how the Brits approached the style (and it's always a bit weird when familiar faces from Ealing comedies show up in serious or even villainous roles).

Man Bait is in the set (or available separately on a single disc with Bad Blonde)...really have to get around to that one.