Adventures in the Fight Racket #7

Today's Adventure: Marcel Cerdan smiles confidently before his title defense
against Jake LaMotta (1949)

Guest Contributor: Jeff Duncanson of Filmscreed


Vanwall said...

A tough little nut. Too bad about the end.

swac said...

I wonder who was the tougher opponent, LaMotta or Piaf?

Vanwall said...

That would depend on which was more dangerous - a dislocated shoulder or a "dislocated" heart - I'm betting he would've taken LaMotta on the rematch.

Tommy O'C said...

The "smart money" was on Cerdan. Red Smith said that LaMotta had his hands full "beating one side of Cerdan," who he said gave a very good account of himself as a "one-armed" fighter after injuring his shoulder in what was ruled a knockdown by LaMotta but was actually a punch-push.

The rematch was about to take place when LaMotta allegedly injured himself while training for the fight. Two days after postponing the rematch, LaMotta was said to be seen playing golf.
When the rematch was reset, Cerdan's participation was postponed permanently via plane crash. Such is the role of fate.