Before and After #72:
Bette Davis




Brent McKee said...

I'm glad you used the "after" image that you did. The last images of Bette Davis where truly parody of what she had been; make-up applied in a way that made the late, lamented Tammy Faye look restrained, in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to do what I'm not sure. Recapture beauty? Disguise the ravages of age and illness? It did neither. Rather it made her look... I don't know what the right words are; clownish isn't right. It was almost like a mask.

Tom Sutpen said...

Thanks, Brent (though I'm still a little miffed over your trashing me in your blog . . . but I'll get over it). I wanted to find as late an image of Davis as I could that wasn't after she had that stroke.

I wouldn't use the word 'clownish' either, but she did make a bit of a spectacle of herself in those last years (she probably did more talk show guest shots then than all the years before). Perhaps it was a misguided effort to show she wasn't dead yet.