Another Independence Day! Yaay!!

For those of you in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Guatemala and Cambodia and Colombia and East Timor and Nicaragua and Cuba and . . . ) who don't know nuthin' about our kinda Democracy and keep dragging your heels everytime we try to show you, this here is July the Fourth; the day in 1776 when our forefathers (the ones who owned property, anyway) declared us independent from the tyranny of British colonialism.

Big deal, you say? Well, as this 1819 oil painting by John Trumbull documents, it was a solemn occasion. But that doesn't prevent us in 2007 from celebrating our first birth of freedom . . . there was a second in 1865, and I keep waitin' for the third, but there's no sign of it happening . . . with as much alcohol and fireworks, dammit, as the law lets us get away with.

Happy July 4th ever'body!


Brent McKee said...

Mr. Adams leave me alone!!

I shall commemorate the 4th of July (since as a Canadian I can't celebrate) by watching 1776 on TCM

Vanwall said...

The World Turned Upside Down.
Thank God for the French Navy and Dan'l Morgan. Hurrah! boys, Hurrah!