Seminal Image #663

Le Locataire
(The Tenant)
(Roman Polanski; 1976)


Jeremy Richey said...

Great shot,
This is one of my favorite Polanski films and I think one of his most undervalued.
Adjani was so breathtaking in this period. Terrific photo...thanks for posting.

Tom Sutpen said...

I agree on all counts . . . and you're welcome!

Flickhead said...

Ever read the Roland Topor novel it was based on? Quite is the Polanski and Brach screenplay, which completely altered the author's original subjective approach.

I think the English dubbing in the film adds to the Polanski character's alienation.

pepito said...

if i may intrude, the french title is "le locataire", not "la".

merci for this wonderful blog !