The Native-Americana of Edward S. Curtis #6

Apache Brave (1906)


Jay River said...

Hey Tom:

Have you read the new Marianne Wiggins book, "The Shadow Catcher" yet?

It is based loosely on the life of Edward Curtis. Its pretty interesting.

Tom Sutpen said...

I cannot tell a lie. I've not even heard of the book, Jay (at the moment I'm reading Corn & Isikoff's Hubris). I assume this is a novel, no?

Jay River said...


It is a novel, weaving factual Curtis history into another plot that is mostly fictional. It concentrates on the life of Curtis's wife Clara. Artistic license was taken, with remarkable results. The author uses fiction to fill in many of the missing points in ESC's life. It simply works.

It's a masterpiece....probably giving Curtis more attention that he has had in decades.