Friends and Family #7

Meyer Lansky gets pinched for vagrancy . . . of all things


Peter L. Winkler said...

That's a weird photo. The guy on the left looks a little like Charles Starkweather, and either he's eight feet tall or Lansky's three feet tall, or so it seems.

Mike Beversluis said...


Tom Sutpen said...

Lansky was somewhat diminuitive; probably not much more than five feet.

I'm just surprised Lansky could get popped for vagrancy in New York, circa 1957 (when this photo was taken). Forget the fact that he could buy and sell every cop in the precinct (he was no doubt back on the street within an hour of getting booked), I thought the NYPD reserved such petty harassment for Jazz musicians and Puerto Rican nationals, not Organized Crime leviathans.