through the lens of cyril arapoff # 6

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A typical working-class street in Poplar


Vanwall said...

What a marvelous shot!

Richard Gibson said...

Agreed and glad you like it.

I would love to go back and do a before and after, just 'cause I am so interested to see how areas of London have changed.

shahn said...

absolutely stunning. i love this series.

yes, mr gibson, you should.

Tom Sutpen said...

As a great man once wrote:

I second that emotion!

Richard Gibson said...

Shahn ~ thanks, glad you like it. I think tracing these images could be tough though, London changes so fast I see virtually no markings on the photos indicating street names.

I'd never heard of Arapoff until now and I'm glad I picked this book up, only one or two were posted on the internet until now and it seems to work really well here.