They Were Collaborators #303

Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Ben Webster and Gerry Mulligan


shahn said...

oh, to have been there! i'm assuming it was only for television.

Tom Sutpen said...

It was; part of a CBS special from 1957 entitled The Sound of Jazz. It's well worth seeing.

In fact, I believe it's now available on DVD (don't quote me on that), but Columbia put out a soundtrack LP (which I used to own a copy of) back in the day.

swac said...

Columbia (well, Sony) recently did a deluxe reissue of The Sound of Jazz on CD, I think with some bonus tracks taken from rehearsals or some such thing. I have it, it's well worth picking up.

A DVD would be marvelous...I think the Billie Holiday clip has been used elsewhere, but I'd love to see the whole thing as well.

(And a quick check of Amazon shows me that a DVD is in fact available, as a cheap British import with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other.)