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Western Approaches
(Pat Jackson; 1944)
Cinematography by Jack Cardiff.


swac said...

Is that Wales?

DaydreamSupercollider said...

This picture makes me feel a little seasick...just the angle of the capture.

Brent McKee said...

No Steve, that's the North Atlantic on a calm day. If I'm not mistaken Western Approaches refers to the Royal Navy designation for the areas along the west coast of England and Scotland where the convoys out of Halifax would be picked up by the Royal Navy.

swac said...

Oh weird...I was looking at it as land seen from way up I see it.

Richard Gibson said...

Hi! I was away from my PC for a day or so, Brent is right - the Atlantic.

Daydreamsupercollider - the photography on this film is amazing. If I recall correctly there were only 2 maybe 3 Technicolor cameras in the UK when this was made and they were rarely taken out on location.