Broadcasters #19

Henry Morgan ("Radio's bad boy")


Brent McKee said...

I remember Henry Morgan years after his time as radio's bad boy, when he would from time to time come to Toronto and appear on a noon time TV show hosted by Elwood Glover, who for many years was Canada's answer to Merv Griffin except that Elwood didn't sing. He seemed interesting enough but to tell the truth at the time I never understood what the fuss was about.

Joe said...

Brent McKee said he never saw what the fuss was about. A quote from Time (June 15, 1942): "...he is the envy of every announcer who ever gagged politely while rolling off an unctuous commercial. Once when reading a plug for Adler Elevator Shoes: 'Knockabouts come in ten colors . . . beige, cinnamon, blue . . .', Morgan ad-libbed remarks on the probable habits of a man who would wear blue shoes, remarked 'I wouldn't be seen in them at a dogfight.' When the sponsor objected that his approach was 'negative,' Morgan retracted, said he would wear blue shoes to a dogfight."

When sponsored by the Eversharp Schick Injector Razor, whose slogan was "Push pull click click" he read it as "Push pull nick nick".

Joe Thompson ;0)

swac said...

Reminds me of my radio daze...when I ended a newscast with "CJCH...Nova Scotia's authoritarian news voice" instead of "authoritative."