Artists in Action #188

Miles Davis listens


Adrian said...

i just wanted to say that you really misunderstood my post. i love your blog, am thrilled to have discovered it, and wasn't criticizing it at all!!

mister muleboy said...

mister sutpen --

your blog remains my favourite site to visit on the Web -- bar none!

Your sparse editorial content [dare I say it, your occasional cryptic statements, via photo or drawing] just move me.

As a late-arriving Miles enthusiast Miles (my punk origins may have kept my brain clogged), you've seized on one of my most-beloved images; not the iconic crouching Miles, blwoing into the wind, but

Miles, listening.

Thanks for the GREAT site!

mister muleboy

swac said...

I discovered Miles and punk around the same time...and no problem enjoying both equally.