Art of the London Underground # 19

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By Sir Frank Brangwyn, RA; 1913

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Vanwall said...

The end of an era. 1913 - the last year of "business as usual" for Old Europe - all the 3 and 4 stickers in the foreground would be pretty much gone by the second year of the war - technology was moving fast and faster still in those desperate days - and by the end, most were rotting and rusting away in various graveyards and atolls, laid up waiting for a world that didn't exist anymore. A few eked out an existence in the fringes and Far East, but sadly, the last of the great days of sail were gone with rather a whimper. The Tube was actually a harbinger of what killed the old ladies of the sea - a technological solution for moving masses thru a city in a relatively undisturbed manner, hmmmm, lemme see, what else is inefficient and slow? But the Great War took care of that.