Art of Cinema #221

The Phenix City Story
(Phil Karlson; 1955)


Richard Gibson said...

Oh, I've always wanted to see this since it was featured on Alex Cox's 'Moviedrome' season on BBC2 way back when. I still have never seen it. It's good?

swac said...

Good question, I've never seen it either, but it has a solid reputation. Why this Allied Artists film has stayed off the market for so long is beyond me (although I did recently get his Tight Spot, only available in the UK at the moment).

Vanwall said...

They used to show it on TV all the time in AZ when I was in high school - I thought they got their spelling wrong at first. ;-) It's actually just a potboiler well done, with a whiff of authenticity from the real incidents, but it has nice visuals.