They Were Collaborators #299

Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family


swac said...

One of my favourite reissues of the past decade or so is an RCA CD called The Bristol Sessions, which presents many, if not most, of the recordings made by RCA Victor in Bristol, Tenn. in the summer of 1927, including the first sides cut by both Rodgers and the Carters. But the range of artists that converged on that makeshift studio in a converted warehouse is nothing short of remarkable, even today.

proud and true said...

Rodgers was already very sick, I think, to the point that Maybelle had to play some (at least) of his guitar parts.

Tom Sutpen said...

I'd read that also.

I've also read that (to engage in understatement) the Carters and The Singing Brakemen did not get along very well on that session; which totally belies the folksy bonhomie of the final recording