The Art of American Amusement #7

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
(Disneyland; 1955)


Piper said...

I'm 36 and Walt Disney still fascinates me. The animation, the design, the architecture, the bigness of the brand.

To see the insides of the rides and how they were built is just incredible. I'm sure all this is not healthy.

Vanwall said...

Heck, I'm older'n you and it also fascinates. It seems like I've been going there longer than you've been alive - Christ, I have! That's a bad sign. The evolution of the Park is fascinating in itself, as I've seen more than a few versions of Walt's concepts. Suddenly, I don't feel so well.

Piper said...

Fear not, I plan on going until the legs don't work anymore. And then I'll piggyback.

Although the Disney brand is a big one, I love it because of its commitment to excellence. The parks run like clockwork and whenever something breaks or breaksdown they rebuild it better than it was before. Not bad.