The Cool Hall of Fame #67

Peter Cook


Vanwall said...

Julie Andrews!

swac said...

BTW...Bedazzled is finally coming out on DVD next month. WAY overdue!


Love this shot!

When I'm feeling a bit low, I can always stop by this blog and know that it will put a smile on my face right away.

Tom Sutpen said...

Cinebeats: Thanks! That's the kind of compliment I value. You (and everyone else who might feel the same) are very very welcome.

Too bad Cook and Moore are no longer with us to do an audio commentary . . . particularly under the conditions they were in when they recorded the Derek and Clive LPs in the 70s.

I imagine Fox will have Stanley Donen do the honors (if such honors are done).

swac said...

Sadly, no Donen. But there is a Harold Ramis interview!

***crickets chirping***