Sex Education #72

Stella Stevens


Vanwall said...

The best lookin' woman in Hollywood in the late 50's - early '60s, and right thru to "The Ballad of Cable Hogue", IMHO. She wasn't a bad actress either, and I think her talents were kind of wasted, as always with a beautiful girl in the movies - as a comedienne she had a nice touch. The final word, though, on Stella - sex; she just oozed it out of every look, movement, and line delivery, regardless of the writer's intent. I looked forward to seeing her in movies just for that, I admit.

Nick Zegarac said...

Difficult to say what turns the crank of most men who enjoy oggling starlets, but I'll venture a guess that natural beauty wins over manufactured every time.

The golden age of Hollywood was famous for the latter. Every curl, every eye lash looked as though it had been approved first by Central Casting. I enjoy those films and the women in them because of that ultra sheen, high gloss attention to detail.

I believe that in a medium like film - in which all great motion pictures must be considered as art - the female form divine should be manufactured. So should the male.

We go to movies not to see women or men as they are, but rather, as we would fantasize them to be. We embrace and make love to an image and wonder what life would be like if it were populated by only the beautiful people.

Yet, the expectation that that sort of hyper-real commodity should - and can - exist in life is an absurd notion. Today's generation is obsessed with manufactured beauty. We have girls as young as 15 who dye their locks and contemplate plastic surgery because they fail to see that only through the image itself - only in films - does such perfection - such unattainable perfection - exist - so very briefly, and with an army of behind the scenes make up, hair and fashion gurus waiting just beyond the scope of what the camera captures.

In the end, as a society we would do wise to remember that life and art are not master and mate. They may indeed, from time to time, imitate one another...but they can never be reconciled - except from a theater seat in the dark.

hcbeck said...

A game broad. Slaughter? All that other crap. Jokey cross-eyed nudes in Playboy?