The Native-Americana of Edward S. Curtis #2

Navajo Chief (1904)


Jay River said...

THE INDIAN PICTURE OPERA, is a film about Edward S. Curtis that you need to see.

It goes beyond the actual images. Search for the DVD.

It is awesome to anyone who appreciates the works of Curtis.

Highly recommended!

Tom Sutpen said...

I understand you want to promote this film . . . and for all I know it's everything you say it is (in fact, I'm sure it is) . . . but I would only ask that you not leave what are essentially promotional comments on every post in this series.

I honestly don't mean to be a hard-on about this, and I apologize to you if I seem so, but I'd like this blog to have as little commercial content as possible (this is why you'll very rarely see anything on this blog linking to a specific product, however worthy or on-topic).

Anyway, if you were to leave these comments on every other post in the series, I can certainly live with that.