The Art of Cinema #195

The Hill
(Sidney Lumet; 1965)


Vanwall said...

This is one hard-ass film - and this may be the best work of their careers by every actor in it, especially Kinnear and Hendry; there are certainly no weak performances. No punches are pulled in a brilliant script, and this is not only one of the best films about the dehumanization of a military system straight out of Frederick the Great's dubious lineage, but it's one of greatest prison dramas ever. As painful as it is to view, it's magnetic - I find it endlessly watchable. If you haven't seen this film, why, YOU'D BEST GET ABOUT IT SHARPISH, SOLDIER! - REMEMBER, THERE'S A HILL JUST OUTSIDE, AND A FULL PACK RUN UP IT IN THE DESERT SUN IS JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

Richard Gibson said...

Agreed, a great film.