Sex Education #70

Jane Fonda


Anonymous said...

She has the smile of an angel
(Fights like the Devil)
The eyes of an angel
(Bites like the Devil)
The face of an angel
(I say she's the Devil)
(She's mean and evil through and through)

Cat Ballou (Cat Ballou)
Cat Ball-ou-ou-ou (Cat Ballou)
She's mean and evil through and through

Love that movie.

Vanwall said...

Why are you weepin', weepin', sister?
Where have your lovers all gone?

”I'm old and gray, and I've lost my way,
All my tomorrows were yesterday”

You've bartered your graces,
For fine silks and laces -
Your heart’s been sold
For silver and gold,
And now…you…are old!

Yeah, loved it, too. ;-)

estiv said...

I can't tell if that look on her face means that the gun-as-phallus idea was hers, and she wants to be sure that we get it, or that it was the photographer's idea, and she has no clue what's going on.