Seminal Image #586

A Woman's Secret
(Nicholas Ray; 1949)


Vanwall said...

Ah, Gloria, the eternal bad girl gets a break here, and acts natural. I liked her in this one a lot, and sickenly-sweet O'Hara got to be baddish - altho certainly not as fulsomely evil as in "The Fallen Sparrow", a fave of mine. And, say, acerbic Melvyn Douglas has the Oscar Levant role, in my opinion, not the usual comparison to George Sanders, which I think reads to much into the fact the film is often put forth as a Mankiewicz battle, between Herman, who wrote this screenplay, and Joe, who wrote some other Oscar winner that mostly had a better cast. This one is a minor, but sturdy, noirish soap, and the best thing in it is Gloria, IMHO.


Ivan G. said...

Love the dress--I guess she wears that when she doesn't care how she looks.

And I thought I was the only one who loved The Fallen Sparrow...