Housekeeping Matter #21: A New Look

Those of you who are regular visitors to this blog may notice that its look has changed rather drastically. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile, and now that I find myself in the throes of a hideous bout of Flu, I figured . . . why not give it a go?


I'm not, however, unmindful that in my present state what looks decent enough to me might be a chore on the eyes of others, so I'm essentially asking you folks to let us know if these alterations constitute a visual improvement . . . or a descent into ocular hell. I can always change it back to the old template, quick as a mouse-click, if there's sufficient dissatisfaction.

And now . . . back to resting my congested cranium.

UPDATE: Vox populi, baby. The peoples have spoken, and . . . as you can see . . . I've changed it back to the slightly modified look of the last few days. I'll go into my rationale in the Comments section (when I can get the keyboard to stop spinning), but for now at any rate, this is the template we'll stick with.

Thanks to all who chimed in!


Brent McKee said...

Not to rain on your parade, but it's awfully stark and bright, and not in an entirely pleasant way I'm afraid. I'm not sure it showcases the photos that well either. Just my opinion of course.

Tim Lucas said...

I have to agree. It's just not "you," and the whiteness upstages the photos.

Vanwall said...

I have killer astigmatism and it's now easier to read, but photos generally look better against a medium or dark background. I'm easy, tho, so go with what you feel in your heart - just don't down a whole bottle of NyQuil before you make asthetic judgements.

Commercials I Hate said...

Since your posts are all numbered series, it would be tons o fun to have links to each series. A link of all "seminal images" or all "when legends gather". Etc.
And the rest of the hitchcock truffaut tapes.

Peter L. Winkler said...

Hey, I like it! Looks very clean and smart.

LJH said...

I think that the photos look better against a black background and its a bitter easier on the eyes. I do, however, really dig the solid thick borders around images and the title.

Anonymous said...

Good move back to the black background -- that white background was blinding!

Tom Sutpen said...

First, thanks all for the input.


You're correct about the stark presentation, but that's what I've always wanted this blog to have. In this case I just pushed it too far in the opposite direction. I still might change it if I can strike a balance between my desired visual ideal and something less . . . blinding.


Good point about the photos. In fact, one of the reasons I write so little on here is that I really don't want the images overwhelmed, even by my immortal text.


Seeing as how, in the last week, I've consumed bottle after bottle of Cough syrup and decongestant (and just about every other flu medication known to man), it's probably a miracle I didn't screw this up any further than I did . . . I mean, at least I saved the old template.


Excellent site, btw

Nothing would please me more than to have a page devoted to every series, but creating that is, I freely admit, beyond my HTML competence. If you (or anyone) could tell me how to get it done, you'd officially be my hero.

And I know I'm way way-behind on Hitchcock/Truffaut (and Movie of the Week, for that matter). There's 13 more installments to go; and it's just a matter of pounding out the dopey introductory remarks for each. I have no excuse for it beyond my own sloth. But it shall be done.


Thanks! You are my lone voice of support here, and your sentiments echo mine own (at least when I made the changes). It is appreciated.


Thanks, also. I'm gonna keep the borders as my sole concession to ornamantation. I don't think they get in the way of the images at all.


Well, we aim to please here at If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger . . . , so I've ditched the Siberian look (at least for the time being).

Thanks again, y'all.

andyhorbal said...

I vote "aye." It's bright, jazzy, hip... maybe even a little "art deco-ish." I think it reflects your content and your tastes (as I perceive them).

andyhorbal said...

Ah, I seem to have missed a white background?

Steve said...

Regarding the "links to series": But of course, you don't really have to conjure that up anymore, thanks to the magic of Blogger labels! (I get paid every time I say that.)

Tom Sutpen said...


Um . . . thanks! I don't know if Art Deco was quite what I was shooting for. I was after something minimal, but less stark . . . I think. The White Album look I went with for about 12 hours the other day was pretty much the same as you see here, only the background was white, all the text and borders were black, and the links were blood red.


You shill, you.

Seriously, this new Blogger system is a pain in the neck, but I'll get used to it . . . I hope.

Sam said...

Well, I didn't get to see the new template before you go to the one I see before me now. It's hard to change the look of a site without folks saying yea or nay at some poiint. Either way, I hope that you're happy on how it all turned out, Tom.