Broadcasters #13
Stacks o' Wax #17

The Good Guys Sing was an LP released on the United Artists label in 1964 by the All Star air staff of New York's AM radio giant, WMCA; known in story and song as the WMCA Good Guys. From left to right: Dan Daniel, Jack Spector, Harry Harrison, Johnny Dark, B. Mitchel Reed and Joe O'Brien.

Between numbers, of course, the Good Guys do weather, traffic updates and time checks.


A Human On Earth said...

I grew up in the Bronx. Back in the 60’s, the coolest thing to have was a yellow/orange colored WMCA Good Guys sweatshirt with their Happy Face logo.

Not everyone had one; they were hard to come by. As a kid I had one and I was a big shot.

Keep up the good work!

Tom Sutpen said...


We'll keep playin' the hits!

SomeNYGuy said...

My schoolyard companions! It seemed like every kid in Sheepshead Bay had a transistor radio tuned to the Good Guys (okay, a few listened to "77, W-A-B-C!")

Tom Sutpen said...

WABC actually had a somewhat hip playlist in those days, no?

It's amazing how the mighty fall, though. The WMCA Good Guys were kings of the AM band . . . yet I remember reading that Jack Spector, by the 1980s, was doing Sports talk weeknights on WNBC (not the most enviable air-shift).

God only knows what became of the others.

If radio isn't the cruellest business on the planet, in terms of its mortality rate, I'd like to know what is.