The Art of American Amusement #2

(Glen Echo Park, Maryland)


Anonymous said...

My mom used to tell me about how she would go to Glen Echo park when she was a little girl.She and friends would ride the carousel and go into the ballroom.I've been to Glen Echo and I now understand it's been renovated and turned into a State Park.

Vanwall said...

I love carousels - I'm glad there's a preservationist wave now, and even brand-new ones - the Wild Animal Park in San Diego added one, and it was quite a surprise to see it. Not as elegant as the old ones, as the tube steel framing is pretty beefy. My nephew would ride all day if we let him. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love that carousel. When I was a young teen, in the 1970's, my older brothers and sister and I all worked as volunteers for the Park Service as they started turning Glen Echo into an arts park. I ran he information desk, my sister ran the crafts/gift shop, and my older brothers ran that carousel.