They Were Collaborators #241

Keith Moon and Vivian Stanshall plan a European tour.


The Bewilderbeast said...

Accordig to the biography "Ginger Geezer" thet went on to drive around Golders Green in their Nazi unifroms saluting.

What a jolly wheeze - poor taste obviously but rather amusing.

Both sadly gone long before their time.

Richard Gibson said...

I recall a story about how Moon's chauffeur would be dropped off at a street corner, Moon would drive around the block and then jump out of his Rolls? and proceed to act out a beating dressed as an officer of the Third Reich. Anyone else heard this or similar?

Tom Sutpen said...

Yeah, that was in a biography on Moon written a couple years back also (the author's name escapes me, but it was very good). He used to do that on numerous occasions, not always with Stanshall.

Genuinely crazy, but a genius nevertheless.