James Brown Dead at '73'

Unhappy word crosses the wires this Christmas morn' of the passing of James Brown, Mr. Dynamite, Godfather of Soul, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Soul Brother Number One, the Amazing Mr. 'Please, Please' himself; his age (a matter perpetually in dispute) given as 73. He was rushed last evening to a hospital in Atlanta, GA, with what was reportedly a severe case of Pneumonia, yet at this hour the cause of death is said to be in doubt.

Not the most cheerful news on any day; particularly if you, like me, have spent more than a few hours of your life contemplating the deeper beauties of Live at the Apollo (or Live at the Royal, for that matter). And while this Obit from the Mail & Guardian summarizes the case for his immortality neatly (if artlessly), a cursory listen to either of the aforementioned LPs (and about a half-dozen others I could name), would render all doubt to ash.


swac said...

I am bummed beyond belief...the Godfather is gone.

Oh well, he picked a perfect day for it. Christmas is, of course, "Star Time" everywhere, the Apollo included.

Here in Nova Scotia on Christmas Eve, we lost Dutchie Mason, Canada's "Prime Minister of the Blues" who received the title from no less a dignitary than B.B. King. And the Celtic Godfather, John Allan Cameron, a mighty entertainer, and I was proud to call him a friend.

Soon there will be no legends left, I fear.

Anonymous said...

I had to work all day for Christmas at the radio staion, which was not a pleasure. The news of The Godfather's death made the day worse as I had to put together a news report for it that ran all day. This, to me, was the worst Christmas I've ever had. I do hope yours was much better, Tom.

I did get tp play "Santa Go Straight To The Ghetto".

Anonymous said...

The Godfather of Soul is defunkt, now he is eligible for his Sainthood.