El Cine del Oro #28

Santa Claus
(Rene Cardona; 1959)


Anonymous said...

This film (en Ingles) on YouTube

swac said...

Anybody else have Christmas warped forever by this childhood "classic"?

Santa vs. Satan. Too bad they left out El Santo.

Vanwall said...

How this differs from Hollywood Xmas flicks, most of which have their own qualities of dreck, speaks volumes for the skewed acceptance of Yanqui commercial products that are given their own interpretations once they cross the border. The Santa is about as Coca-Cola as he can get, something unknown in indigenous Mexican folklore, but is thrown into the mix just like the whole consumerist ideal that hovers in the background of a film that totally ignores the grinding poverty that existed for most Mexicans at that time.

This film has to be seen for its level of badness to be believed, like "Prince of Space", or "Howard the Duck", but it's unique in its take on the gringo Christmas spirit - who else would throw in El Diablo, the staple Mexican bogeyman, for a counter to the twisted "goodness" of Santa. It had a fairly large budget for a Mexican kid's film from that era, and looked pretty good for what it was worth, which was mebbe a peso or two, at least as a movie.

It was shown in various forms on TV when I was kid in Arizona over the years, but it only took one viewing as a kid to be able to avoid it for ever after, but it was always fun to recommend it to an unknowing victim. Hehe!

SomeNYGuy said...

Personally, I only watch movies filmed in Mexiscope.

Anonymous said...

I remember this one! It appeared on MST3K! This was one of the Mike episodes, and the second Christmas movie after "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." The episode can't top the hilarity of Crow's carol, "Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas," but the movie itself is a hoot. And it's a bit bizarre, too.

Another unwitting classic for MST-ies everywhere.