Tricky: Scenes from a Life #29

Tricky steals a newspaper (1962)

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Vanwall said...

Strangely enough, for a man who was almost terminally un-photogenic, (or mebbe because of it), he was the first real pop culture boogie-man, especially on TV, his most hated medium. Sure there were other plug-ugly baddies in the papers, and heavily made-up, venal hard-haters were rife on the tube, but Tricky was there at the gloves-off beginning of our modern news cycles, looking like 5-o'clock shit while JFK looked like a minor god, or at least a swabbie swingin' dick made good. And boy, that appeals to the ladies, and a good part of the secretly frat-wannabe guys - how else does a Catholic rich man's son get up to the top of ladder? But I digress -

The newsies just lapped up the downright obtuseness of Nixon, visually reinforced by his unfortunate 2 X 4-up-the-assness, and even tho they mostly wanted anybody but him in the WH, who else made the effort to remake him in their own, more palatable reactionary image, or tossed Wal-Mart big-box sized molotovs at his ski nose in Papers Of Record? He was crooked-er than cat shit, yeah, but as one of last old-time Skeffingtons out there, albeit closer to a cheap hood or greasy car salesman, (look, he was a lawyer, after all, duh!) he up and bought the necessary mojo he needed, without a thought for what by then was a minuscule soul to proffer to the money-men devils, and with his coterie of sycophantic yes-men - that was also eerily prescient - he made a pretty good attempt to enforce his deluded reality on a suffering nation, much like our present Fearless Leader in his pretend Pottsylvania. At least until Dick's transgressions were tattooed on all our foreheads by the NYT, WP, NBC, CBS, BBC, PBS, whatever, and we threw his ass under a bus for the good of the planet - it could happen that way again, hell, they're repeating history like there's no tomorrow. Oops. Personally, the less seen of ol' Tricky Dick the better, I say, but if we're gonna continue to regurgitate the same old dog vomit in Washington every twenty years or so, I guess we need to see how bad it was in the old days, just to compare things with.