Seminal Image #557

(Michael Mann; 1981)


Matt Blankman said...

I've always dug Theif. Michael Mann has always had a knack for shooting American cities at night. Even when Mann's marking time, like the big-screen Miami Vice, there's always something interesting to look at.

Also, dig seeing Robert Prosky play such a nasty case.

Vanwall said...

You're absolutely right - Mann always does the night well - especially the flickering shadows from car fires or gun battles. This is also a much more realistic take on a crime "family", and how fatherly the head of said household can be - I, too, liked Prosky's role, but the entire cast was sharp, as well.

Matt Blankman said...

Absolutely's one of Caan's best performances, too.

Why I misspelled Thief, I have no idead.

...and look for William Petersen as a bartender.