Seminal Image #556
Sex Education #67

Claudette Colbert bathes in asses milk in The Sign of the Cross.
(Cecil B. DeMille; 1932)


Brent McKee said...

Everytime I see this image I can't help but wonder if old CB (or Claudette) might not have slipped a hint of nipple past the censors. In today's climate, dominated by moralists who object to "wardrobe malfunctions" and the use of the phrase "tits over ass" at the Emmys it makes you wonder if we haven't slipped back a bit over the years.

Anonymous said...

Claudette looks pretty at ease in that milk bath

Paul C. said...

There's an old story about the making of SIGN OF THE CROSS that I enjoy. On the set of the film Colbert's female assistant would always be diligent about covering her boss with a bath robe between takes. De Mille tried to be quick enough to sneak a peek, but to no avail. Reminds me of the movies he made- scenes of decadance and peekable sexuality justified (Excused?) by moral reckoning.