When Legends Gather #171

Johnny Weismuller and Buster Keaton


convict 13 said...

That would bé Buster's dog, Buster and his third wife Eleanor bred St Bernard's very successfully. In all the Beethoven movies it is Eleanor Keaton's dogs that were used. I wonder if this was the St Bernard that Buster's 2nd wife (Mae (the nurse) Scriven's took when she left Buster? I think Johnny and Buster were friends and both spent too much time in Keaton's Kennel at MGM. The dog would have been called Elmer.

Marianne said...

What a marvelous picture! I wondered why many of his characters were called Elmer, then when I read his auto biography--My Wonderful World of Slapstick, which is a great book--I found out why.